R&D for Executive Business Coaching

If you will allow me to stand on my soap box for just a minute, I want to share with you my philosophy on an aspect of executive business coaching that you should be concerned with.

The materials your coach uses are important to your results.

When I expanded my business coaching practice in 2007, I knew I did not want to write my own materials. How could I possibly know enough about the topics people are dealing with? R & D (Research and Development) in business coaching needs ongoing, dynamic input from many people in order to offer you, my client, the results you want to get from business coaching with me.

To give you the materials that would give you the best possible opportunity to achieve the results you desire, I affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation (RAC) for the materials I use. As a part of a network of over 600 affiliates, we are providing constant input to RAC on the materials we are using and the business conditions we are experiencing. As a result, RAC updates the materials you use so you can be assured that the materials you use support the positive results you desire.

In  my opinion, this is hugely important to you. It concerns me when I hear of someone relying on a book they read or wrote as a basis for business coaching. The world is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. Relying on one book makes no sense to me and seems to me to limit your potential to truly find the right action for you. Your success is what’s important to me, not selling books.

Speaking of my affiliate network, there is an additional benefit to your company. While we each bring our own unique personalities to business coaching, our membership in the RAC network makes your results similar no matter how large your company or in how many locations our coaching is needed. If you need multiple business coaches in one or more locations, I can make that happen thanks to our affiliate network. Since we are using materials that are used by literally thousands of people each year, each of your people participating in the business coaching program will have access to the same quality materials. Because of our own ongoing professional development, the methods we use when we work with our clients are similar.

Enough from my soap box. Now it’s up to you. Call me or email me today so we can discuss executive business coaching further.

Coaching and business: Who, what, when, and why?

I am often asked for information about the assistance I offer to businesses and people, and those questions most often center around the cost to do business with me. It seems there are many people asking about coaching now. Here’s an article in the New York Times about executive business coaching.

The cost or your investment in coaching is not the place to start the conversation. The Return on Investment (ROI) for a coaching program with me far exceeds the amount of money you will pay me to assist you. In addition to financial rewards, you may be interested in reducing conflict, managing stress, or finding peace of mind. All of these and more are possible through an executive business coach like me.

Here is some basic information you should have in mind when you and I sit down to discuss your coaching program.

Who needs coaching?
Executive business coaching is recommended for people who want to move ahead, are frustrated with their current results, are considering making a change, or are considering starting or selling a business. If you are content where you are right now and you have absolutely no interest in moving ahead or changing your circumstances, then you don’t need a coach.

What is coaching like?
Typical coaching arrangements are 30-minute phone conversations either bi-weekly or once a month over a period of time we will establish. My approach is to help you find the right action for you – I am not a counselor or therapist and I’m not going to tell you what to do. I firmly believe that you know what you need to do, you just need my assistance helping you design your plan to get it. During our coaching contract, I will ask you lots of questions – tough questions as well as easy – to help you develop your right action. Additional planning or goal development on your part may assist you in finding your right action, and I have materials available if needed.

When should you use an executive business coach?
We all have points in time when we know it’s time to move ahead or develop ourselves so we can be better at what we do. Call it self-improvement or professional development. Or we have times when we are frustrated with our results and we want to talk to someone impartial so we can figure out what we need to do. That’s when you should call or email me so we can discuss some coaching for you.

Why should you work with me?
I am really, really good at aligning your natural talents with your business tactics. I take my commitment to being the best executive business coach for you very seriously, and I am certified by the Resource Associates Coaching Academy so you can have peace of mind that I am going to do a professional job of coaching you based on quality and integrity standards followed by hundreds of coaches throughout the US. You can learn more about my affiliation with Resource Associates in my bio.

You need to call me right now at 215-0077 or email me at sbarr@thebarrassociates.com so we can begin the conversation that will move you forward. Remember: you get what you accept. As soon as you choose to not accept the status quo, your change and your future can begin.