Business Coaching: Your Emotions and Decisions

Once upon a time, I received an email. When I read it, I thought it said my sky was falling. Then I stopped and asked myself a series of questions to take my emotions out of the issue. It turned out that my sky was not falling, that the person sending me the email was under stress and had expressed their stress (with a situation that did not involve me) in their choice of words in the email they sent me.

If this has ever happend to you, either in an email, a conversation, or a business meeting, I suggest that your first step is to acknowledge your emotional response internally.
Whoa! Why has this statement upset me? What emotion am I feeling AND WHY?
You already know that your internal physical response to stress is not beneficial to your longterm health and happiness. You owe it to yourself, your career, and your long term goals to take these few seconds to monitor and understand why statements upset you. The more you understand about your behavior, the stronger you become.

Growth in Business Starts with You

  • Begin with the outcome in mind. Where do you want to be? What does that look like? If you want more money, how much more? If you want more customers, how many more – and in what target markets? If you know you need to change employers, what kind of a position is an ideal fit for you?
  • Make this outcome relevant to you. You need to understand how your efforts to make and sustain a change will pay off. What’s in it for you? For example, if you invest in professional development or business coaching to get the support you need, your investment is worth it because it will increase your business or your income or your free time or make your work easier. Bring it right down to the present and how it will help you today. Most important, assign some numbers to this to make it worth your time and effort.
  • Stay the course and keep your eye on your outcome. Your personal accountability in the outcome you’ve identified is significant to you – and to those who depend on you. You cannot afford to allow yourself to slack off, rationalizing any roadblocks that present themselves as reasons to stop or delay.  This is another area where a business coach can support you and keep you focused on your outcome.
  • Invest in learning to move forward. Your willingness to learn will help you maximize your results as you move toward the outcome you are working towards. Often suggested is to learn about someone who has already achieved what you want and model the steps they followed to get to their success. Investing in professional development will give you the foundation for bringing your thought process from a good idea (maybe) to the activation of your steps to make the change and realize the outcome you desire.

No matter what your role is, you need manageable steps through your process of self-discovery to realize your desired outcome. If you find yourself putting off the growth in business you are striving to achieve, start with a conversation with a trusted adviser or a business coach to get the change you are planning to make broken down into manageable pieces.  Once you do this, you can design a series of steps you will follow and your chances for success are much greater.

One closing thought. You can’t do this on your own. You need support in order to make the business growth happen. The longer you do not accept your need for support, the longer it will take you to achieve the outcome you want. Make the call today to a business coach to get started.

R&D for Executive Business Coaching

If you will allow me to stand on my soap box for just a minute, I want to share with you my philosophy on an aspect of executive business coaching that you should be concerned with.

The materials your coach uses are important to your results.

When I expanded my business coaching practice in 2007, I knew I did not want to write my own materials. How could I possibly know enough about the topics people are dealing with? R & D (Research and Development) in business coaching needs ongoing, dynamic input from many people in order to offer you, my client, the results you want to get from business coaching with me.

To give you the materials that would give you the best possible opportunity to achieve the results you desire, I affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation (RAC) for the materials I use. As a part of a network of over 600 affiliates, we are providing constant input to RAC on the materials we are using and the business conditions we are experiencing. As a result, RAC updates the materials you use so you can be assured that the materials you use support the positive results you desire.

In  my opinion, this is hugely important to you. It concerns me when I hear of someone relying on a book they read or wrote as a basis for business coaching. The world is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. Relying on one book makes no sense to me and seems to me to limit your potential to truly find the right action for you. Your success is what’s important to me, not selling books.

Speaking of my affiliate network, there is an additional benefit to your company. While we each bring our own unique personalities to business coaching, our membership in the RAC network makes your results similar no matter how large your company or in how many locations our coaching is needed. If you need multiple business coaches in one or more locations, I can make that happen thanks to our affiliate network. Since we are using materials that are used by literally thousands of people each year, each of your people participating in the business coaching program will have access to the same quality materials. Because of our own ongoing professional development, the methods we use when we work with our clients are similar.

Enough from my soap box. Now it’s up to you. Call me or email me today so we can discuss executive business coaching further.