The Barr Associates Groups: How will it work?

Value through group synergy

You’ve joined one of The Barr Associates’ groups. Congratulations on taking a positive step towards your future! Now you want to have some idea of how the group sessions will work and what you can expect. Good questions! And I’m glad you’re asking. Your time is valuable, your investment in your group is important to you, and it’s important to me that you receive high value for your investment in The Barr Associates’ group you’ve joined. At the end of the day, odds are you selected a group in order to grow your business. As an adult learner, professional development through groups offers you new avenues  to explore your options and get a grip on the best steps for business growth.

You can have confidence in the materials you will be using. As an affiliate of Resource Associates Corporation, any of the materials I use in any of my groups or individual sessions are constantly used by thousands of people around the US and continuously updated to be current and relevant to the current business real world.

There are two sources for information and reinforcement for you in your group. The first is through the listening or reading that you will do outside of our group meetings and the written exercises you will complete in between sessions. The second is through the synergy you will find in the group meetings. These two sources combine to give you optimal results for the growth of your business you desire. Whenever you are considering a learning environment, you owe it to yourself to be sure you have quality written steps to follow along with the synergy of people to serve as neutral sounding boards.

Can you make the changes you desire without assistance? No. If you could, you would have done so by now.

Can you make the changes you want? Absolutely. As humans, we are versatile learners with the capacity to change and grow as individuals.

Whatever your reason for joining The Barr Associates group, welcome!

R&D for Executive Business Coaching

If you will allow me to stand on my soap box for just a minute, I want to share with you my philosophy on an aspect of executive business coaching that you should be concerned with.

The materials your coach uses are important to your results.

When I expanded my business coaching practice in 2007, I knew I did not want to write my own materials. How could I possibly know enough about the topics people are dealing with? R & D (Research and Development) in business coaching needs ongoing, dynamic input from many people in order to offer you, my client, the results you want to get from business coaching with me.

To give you the materials that would give you the best possible opportunity to achieve the results you desire, I affiliated with Resource Associates Corporation (RAC) for the materials I use. As a part of a network of over 600 affiliates, we are providing constant input to RAC on the materials we are using and the business conditions we are experiencing. As a result, RAC updates the materials you use so you can be assured that the materials you use support the positive results you desire.

In  my opinion, this is hugely important to you. It concerns me when I hear of someone relying on a book they read or wrote as a basis for business coaching. The world is a dynamic, ever-changing landscape. Relying on one book makes no sense to me and seems to me to limit your potential to truly find the right action for you. Your success is what’s important to me, not selling books.

Speaking of my affiliate network, there is an additional benefit to your company. While we each bring our own unique personalities to business coaching, our membership in the RAC network makes your results similar no matter how large your company or in how many locations our coaching is needed. If you need multiple business coaches in one or more locations, I can make that happen thanks to our affiliate network. Since we are using materials that are used by literally thousands of people each year, each of your people participating in the business coaching program will have access to the same quality materials. Because of our own ongoing professional development, the methods we use when we work with our clients are similar.

Enough from my soap box. Now it’s up to you. Call me or email me today so we can discuss executive business coaching further.